Dolphins in Pensacola

Pensacola Bay is one of the most beautiful places you will ever get the opportunity to visit and is absolutely full of sea life. Whether you’re looking to go snorkeling or simply go for a boat ride there tons of exciting things to grab your attention.

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On most of our boat rides we make our way down to Pensacola Pass where you’ll find emerald green water paired with our astonishing sugar white sand beaches. The “Pass” is where Pensacola Bay meets the Gulf of Mexico and is located between Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key.
Our success rate is second to none when it comes to finding dolphin, so I guess we could be classified a dolphin cruise just as much as we are a boat ride business. Our boats are fast and allow us to cover a lot of area improving our chances of spotting dolphins. We actually have one dolphin “halftail” that we find in the same area nearly every day.
We love to take our visitors to our favorite restaurants or local bars to grab a bite to eat or grab a drink. You can choose to try a place in Pensacola or venture further down the Intracoastal waterway to Destin or Orange Beach, both of which are between an hour and two hours away.
If you’re looking to go snorkeling we’ll find you some clear water and nice structure where you can get a taste of the different sea life we have to offer. All of our snorkeling is done in fairly shallow water and typically not very far from shore, so it’s safe for the whole family.
We have a lot of offer daily at Fun in the Sun Boat Rides, but truthfully just a relaxing ride around Pensacola Bay can be as enjoyable as anything else you do while on vacation. We have multiple pickup spots in Pensacola and on Pensacola Beach for your convenience for dolphin tours pensacola .

Fishing in Pensacola Bay

Spanish mackerel fishing in Pensacola Bay has been a bit tougher this week, but hopefully once the wind stops blowing out of the north big numbers of them will show up in Pensacola and other nearby area. Your best bet right now is to look for them along the beaches out in the Gulf.
Quite a few people have done really well with the speckled trout in Gulf Breeze and Perdido Key recently. You’ll want to look for them on the flats and around structure like docks or rock piles in shallow water.
Flounder fishing has been steady, but not spectacular by any means. Most of the fish have been coming from Pensacola Pass and you’ll definitely need some good live fish baits to catch them.
Most anglers have been able to find plenty of red snapper out in the Gulf of Mexico during the open weekend of the Florida state waters season. It’ll be open again this Saturday and Sunday for anyone looking to get in on the action with Fishing Charters Pensacola.
Unfortunately, gag grouper, amberjack, and triggerfish are all closed in state and federal waters off Pensacola so if you’re looking for other tasty bottom dwellers you can keep you’ll have to focus on vermillion snapper and scamp.


King mackerel have been few and far between around the buoys and USS Massachusetts, but you should be able to catch a few on natural bottom spots like the Paradise Hole, which is a few miles off Pensacola Beach.
They won’t stick around much longer, but there’s a decent amount of pompano still being caught in the surf off both Pensacola and Johnson’s Beach. You can also walk down the beach casting a pompano jig and likely hook into ladyfish, bluefish, and possibly Spanish mackerel.
Fishing has been hit or miss, but Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, cobia, bluefish, ladyfish, and hardtails are all possible catches on the Pensacola Beach Gulf Fishing Pier or Navarre Beach Fishing Pier. The Gulf Piers are a great option for anyone looking for action from land.
Freshwaters reports from the local lakes and rivers have varied from one angler to another, but it sounds like overall the bass and bream fishing was a little slower over the past week than what it’s been lately.